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holiday gifts + ideas for the family and friends gatherings this year

holiday gifts + ideas for the family and friends gatherings this year

greenbox Holiday Gift Guide

I feel that the variety of uses is often overlooked with CBD products in your daily routine.  You would be surprised with how many ways you can utilize our wellness products daily, and it is also a good conversation starter to have with your family and friends. 

Over the years as different cannabinoids become legal across the country, I am always surprised by more and more questions about cannabis and CBD every year from new users at the dinner table.

We have put together our favorite holiday gifts + ideas to bring to your gatherings this year that focuses on what you’re bringing to this year to the family dinner.  I personally enjoy getting creative with the dishes that I bring to share.


Buddha Beans CBD Holiday Gift Guide

There is no better way to wake up early on a holiday morning while caring for excited children than to have CBD already in your coffee. Buddha Beans infuse CBD directly into the beans to allow maximum absorption when brewed. This makes for a great gift to bring to your parents’ house and can be a perfect after-dinner drink for everyone to enjoy.


CBD Living Holiday Gift Guide

I don’t know about you but, I am constantly in the mood for chocolate during December, so much so that I have to double my workout routine to make up for it (omg emoji). Your hosts would always appreciate this gift, especially to use as a nightcap as the guests are leaving. If you want to add some spunk to your brownies this year, check out these ideas from CBD Living listed below.

CBD Living Holiday Gift Guide

Another great idea for those campfire nights is to use your  CBD Living Dark or Milk Chocolate as the final ingredient for those s’mores!
CBD Living Holiday Gift Guide


Edibles are always a favorite at any party that I have attended. As soon as I walk in the door, everyone asks me, “where are the gummies at?”. This is the result of 10 years working in the industry, though. 😉


Soul CBD Gummies Holiday Gift Guide

Soul CBD really has something special going on with all of its products.  Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD and is so delicious, you would think that these were made exclusively for your own taste buds. 

Soul CBD Strawberry Gummies Holiday Gift Guide

Soul CBD Strawberry Single Serves make a great stocking stuffer too! They are small and a great way to try CBD. I bet you can think of at least a few people who need to try these single serves.


Skip the alcohol you plan to bring this year and replace it with a 6-pack of these delicious CBD sparkling waters from Day One.
Day One CBD Holiday Gift Guide

With a variety of flavors, including lemon, lime, and grapefruit, this is a perfect addition to bring with you to any holiday meal to share. Want to try before you buy?  

There are single servings available from Day One too! 


Cannaves Oliva CBD Olive Oil Holiday Gift Guide

My favorite gift to give (and most likely your host’s favorite gift to receive) would have to be Cannaves Oliva  CBD Olive Oil. You can faithfully put this olive oil on absolutely everything topically, but be sure to not use this oil as a cooking agent. While heating the product, you might lose some CBD benefits, so it is best to be used as an add-on.  

This is also the perfect size bottle for traveling too!

OrganiCBD CBD Honey Holiday Gift Guide

Organi CBD Honey is another excellent option to bring as a gift for the host at the holiday party or to use as a topical to enhance the luxurious cheeseboard you are bringing with you. 

Either way, CBD is most likely welcomed at your holiday gathering because there are no psychoactive ingredients in hemp-derived CBD, and therefore you will not feel “high” when using these products.


Bailey's CBD Holiday Gift Guide

 Although it is great to reconnect with our loved one’s furry friends, the holidays are always a stressful time for our pets due to the influx of large groups of family and friends gathering. Hands down, Bailey’s CBD Bacon Pet Chews are a great gift idea for your furry friends or even to bring a gift to your host for their pets.

Everyone is excited about CBD these days, and I can assure you they will be pleasantly surprised with your gift from our greenbox wellness menu. Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the products on our menu!


We hope you enjoyed this list of holiday gifts + ideas!


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